Vietnam's leading technology incubator in the fields of
FinTech, MarTech and Blockchain

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Block TimeGroup

An organizational model technology incubator operating in the form of investment and construction build startups byproviding capital while also using resources The organization's available resources to help startups realize new ideas.

Venture Builder

Comprehensive development opportunity for startups

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Venture Builder


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Venture Capital

Startup Capital Fund

Providing venture capital and calling for angel investors for startups.

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Startup Incubator

Consulting support to help startups "innovate" and make technological breakthroughs.

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Startup Accelerator

Help startups grow fast and strong in a short time.

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Help startups quickly complete products

Timegroup provides many startup support resources such as:
- Technology labs system.
- Technology consultant.
- Product strategy advisor.
- Investment funds.

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Help Startups build lean and efficient companies

TIMEGROUP helps startups start lean with:
- Streamlined company structure.
- Appropriate administration and management system, easy to operate.

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Help Startups Develop Sales-Marketing-Customer Care Systems

TIMEGROUP helps startups:
- Connect and expand marketing and sales channels on TimeGroup's relationship network.
- Links between companies in the company network in TimeGroup to improve the quality of customer service.

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Help Founders and CEOs keep their passion and will to start a business

TIMEGROUP gives Founders and CEOs of startups the opportunity to work with:
- Mentors who are knowledgeable about startups will share their experiences success.
- Experts in blockchain technology, finance, sales, marketing... rich experience in many fields will Participate in skills training and guidance for startup employees.



Benefits for startups in the ecosystem


Benefit Startup
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Capital investment and comprehensive resource development

Investment plans will be based on a holistic approach, Actual survey, customer experience, feasibility assessment competition as well as commercial viability.

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Improve administrative

Through having a team of experts to lead the startup setup backoffice apparatus, operating procedures, connection with other startups in the same ecosystem to support each other,...

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Enhancing technology

Through resources such as: IT labs, software engineers, product development team, marketing machine of venture builder, technology expert...

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Improving business

Through resources such as: IT labs, software engineers, product development team, venture builder's marketing apparatus, experts in related fields...